Sunday, March 28, 2010


Quoting Theresa O"Shea, a regular columnist of "Spanish Eye" in H&E Naturist (June, 2009), "The Spanish Tourist Board estimates that about 1,5 million tourists will visit Spain this summer with the express aim of practising naturism. To this number can be added the estimated half a million Spaniards who habitually or occasionally go to naturist beaches or stay at naturist campsites, hotels, resorts and so on. Andalucia is the autonomous community with the largest number of naturist centres and wth the most kilometres of nudist beach (or we should say more accurately, beaches where nudism is habitually practised), The Tourist Board recognises that naturist tourism is becoming more and more popular but that it still has not been exploited to its full potential. According to the most recent surveys, 15% of Spanish people say they have sunbathed nude, while about 50% view this kind of tourism positively."

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