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Dr. János Sándor, President FENHU

Sebastian G. Heuft, Chairman of European Naturist Youth, negotiating the contract for the INF Youth Summer Camp 2010
Photo was taken at the Restaurant of the Camping Fusselkaul in Luxembourg during the EuNat Assembly, March 2010

The Virtual Association of Naturist (the largest non-landed naturist club in Hungary, a founder of FENHU) has regularly organized naturist hiking since 2000.

Since then we have had more opportunities to familiarize all our nature-loving naturist friends who like hiking with this special opportunity. Well, you don`t need anything but yourself and the beautiful Hungarian regions, the nature is given. This is how our motto concerning undressed hiking came to being: Come with us the way you were born!

We have never faced legal problems with this kind of activity as nudity is not mentioned in Hungarian law. It is offensive behaviour that is forbidden regardless being clothed or nude.

As we always organize our hiking on rarely populated (but beautiful) areas – our intention not to offense anybody is always evident and transparent. That’s why we have never had any problem even though nine years have passed since we started our hiking activity.

A short abstract from a letter about one of our early events that appeared on our mailing list:
"I could hardly believe our tour organizer when he said that he had chosen a route where only one car passed in a month. We walked 6-8 kms in one of the most beautiful regions of the country, in a picturesque hilly, woody area with many stretches of grass and needlegrass, where sunshine and diffused light alternated with each other. We could walk here as safely as in an area designated 'naturists only'. Our clothing consisted of no more than our shoes and socks (and we wore those only so that we could wa "On a Saturday, at the end of August, about ten of us got together under the bright, cloudless, blue sky, by the church of a little country village, in order to take part in the second naturist hike in Hungary. Leaving the village, after some kilometres we turned off the surfaced road, then continued our way through planted poplar-woods, maize fields, pasture lands, and a dried-up channel, then reached the edge of Rakoczi Forest. After passing through the forest we found ourselves on a huge, flat, and wet grassfield…(…).”

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