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Naturism (nudism in this article) dates back in our country to 1931, when the Vicente Ara Co. published the nudist magazine Nature, which was sold in Chile, Spain and was imported into the USA by Outdoor American Corporation as well. It suspended publication in 1941.

In 1997-99 collaborators Jorge Valdez and Mariela Agüero, in the Peruvian jungle (Iquitos) devoloped the ecological project "Naturama", in co-operation with Jorge Biagosh and Christian Vogt of the Argentinian Club NAT; as a significant contribution to the international promotion for the climatic change of the "Phenomenon of the Child". Much to their regret, the investment was not approved and the entire project was cancelled.

After some attempts at gathering or co-ordinating a group of followers and sumpathizers for Peruvian naturism, the above mentioned persons quitted.

Later, Daniel O. and Guido M. took the intiative in founding
the virtual group Naturism Peru on January 13, 2003, with the purpose of assembling persons who share the princpiles of nudism/naturism, based on our ideals of equality and mutual respect.

We want to share a forum to exchange experiences and create a community that has a solid base of thought. We shall enjoy our friends' companionship for a long time.

This group has had his moderators with the only purpose of preserving the naturist principles that our organization has adopted to date. In 2005, they developed the naturist project "Association Nudist Naturist of Peru", known by the acronym ANNPE. Since their establishment the group has developed little by little its activities and has helped nudists/naturists do away with the old prejudices and misconceptions regarding common nudity deep-rooted in the Peruvian society.

For the time being, in summertime we have used a naturist beach reserved only for the members of our group, located on the kilometre 71 of the highway of Pan-American South, south of Lima, and considered calm, safe and above all isolated. Our autumn and winter meetings have been held at the spacious, tranquil and private house of Rest Naturist (CDN) in a rural, tourist and ecological location of Cieneguilla´s district, located some 40 kilometres of the Lima.
98 men and 52 women for a grand total of 150 have joined the Peruvian virtual naturists, while the foreign members amount to 750 men and 76 women.
Since 2008 we have relied on the participation of another group, Naturists of Cañete (south zone of the country), who have repeatedly joined our harmonious neetings.

All our activities are governed by the principles of the International Naturist Federation (INF(FNI) and the internal rules and regulations of the CDN as well.

For more information please contact
Daniel Pereda
moderator and co-ordinator

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