Thursday, April 26, 2012


ISBN-13: 978-1-85424-928-9
Writer: Sheila Bridge
Title: How to Feel Good Naked
Subtitle: Learning to Love the Body You’ve Got
Language: English
Place of Publication: Oxford, UK, and Grand Rapids, MI
Publisher: Monarch Books
Year of Publication: 2010
Format: 172x234mm (trimmed)
Pages: 192; Resources, 191
Illustrations:17 black and white sketches by Bridget Gillespie
Binding: Paperback in colour wrappers
Original Price: GBP 8.99 / USD 13.99
Weight: 336gr.
Entry No.: 2012013
Entry Date: 26th April 2012


Makeover shows are loads of fun. Gok Wan manages to be positive about women of every shape and size. But have you ever wondered, once the camera crews have gone away, whether looking good is all that’s necessary.

Sheila argues that adjusting your appearance is not the only route to feeling good. Makeovers, she writes, only go so far. “You can’t just fix up what’s on the outside. You need to look below the surface and clear out all the self-loathing stored up inside. Unless this is replaced with a deep down self-acceptance and a sense of being unconditionally loved, then no amount of surface rearrangement will ever be enough.”

With lots of helpful advice on food, fitness and fashion, Sheila shows how we can break bad habits of body and mind, celebrate our brilliant bodies and feel good in our own skin.

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