Sunday, March 28, 2010


South Florida Free Beaches/Florida Naturist Association was founded in 1980.

It established the clothing-optional section at Haulover Beach, a county park, near Miami, Florida in 1991; this beach is today the only officially designated and recognized public naturist beach in Florida.

SFFB/FNA is largely a political action organization, since 1994 employing a professional legislative lobbyist in the Florida state capital, and has been instrumental in defeating or modifying bills deemed harmful to naturist interests.

SFFB/FNA annually meets with state and local legislators and administrators, as well as community and business leaders, as representatives of naturism. It is a member of The Naturist Society Naturist Network.

If offers a free monthly e-newsletter and a digital version of its quarterly publication The SunDial on its website At 10,000 print copies per issue, The SunDial is the third or fourth most widely read naturist publication in the USA.
Mike Kush

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