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ISBN-13: 978-0-9662683-4-8
Writer: Ross Velton
Τitle: The Naked Truth About Cap d'Agde
Subtitle: Making the most of a holiday in Southern France's celebrated naked city
Language: English
Edition: First Printing
Place of Publication: Villa Park, IL
Publisher: Scarlett, Oh! Publishing
Year of Publication: 2003
Format: 140x215mm
Pages: 192
Illustrations: 61 (32 colour, 19 black and white) & 5 sketches
Front Cover Design by No. 9 Design, Inc., Chicago
Binding: Paperback in glossy colour covers
Weight: 274gr.
Entry No.: 2006011
Date of Entry: 25th April 2006


Libertines and naturists alike abound in Cap d"Agde, the legendary nudist resort town in Southern France that attracts 300,000 visitors each summer.

Cap d'Agde offers more than a gorgeous wide stretch of nudist beach with some tacky gift shops and overpriced seafood restaurants. It's a full-fledged town with its own vibe and rhythm.

Cap d'Agde can be laid back and sensual, exciting and erotic, busy and overbearing, and earthy and rude–but never quite normal and normally quite surreal.

When you see 100 people huddled in a circle on a certain stretch of beach in the Cap, don't automatically assume that they are waiting to buy ice creams. And, yes, you were the only person wearing clothes in the queue at the post office the other day.

Cap d'Agde helps you make the transition from the humdrum to the slightly fantastic.

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