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ISBN-13: 978-2-7588-0138-2
Editor: Régis Duvignau
Title: Céachem Montalivet
Languages: French, English and German (captions)
Place of Publication: Biarritz
Publisher: Atlantica-Séguier
Date of Publication: 5/15/2008
Format: 239x220mm

Pages: 83 excluding covers printed on heavy matt paper
Illustrations: 72 black and white and colour plates by the editor, Éditions de la Vie au Soleil, Combier/Cim, Éditions Theojac, Studio guy and Éditions Grafoulière
Binding: Square bound in heavy colour board cover
Weight: 367gr.
Price: €20.00 + P&P
Entry No.: 2009062

Date of Entry: 16th December 2009


The pioneers of naturism made a daring bet when they officially founded the CHM in Montalivet on July 23, 1950. With barely 24 isolated hectares of burnt woods, several tents and a bungalow, the Montalivet Sun and Sea Centre was to become, over the years, the ideal naturism environment, which today is spread over 180 hectares and links nature’s harmony with modern facilities.

It’s today a rare place, unique and enchanting, that we could (re) visit by turning these pages which witness what is the magic of Montalivet.

A welcome addition to CHM Montalivet rich literature. Rare pictures presumably in chronological order. No text and few captions in three languages.

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