Monday, March 29, 2010


Hours of operation
At any time including weekends by prior telephone inquiry. Boarding and lodging are possible upon request.

The IFB is a reference library; therefore, lending in general is not possible. Advantage: the entire stock is always available. In urgent cases, lending is possible under high bonds subject to change.

Every visitor is obliged to handle all the objects of the stock with care and put them back to the places they belong to. Furthermore, the visitor binds himself to mention the IFB (=Internationale FKK-Bibliothek)) in the preface, the table of sources or at any other place of his work (dissertation, book, papers, etc.). After having completed his work, the user is obliged to provide the IFB with a complimentary copy of his work.

On signing these conditions, the user or lender binds himself not to re-lend the material to a third person and to use the texts and pictures for one publishing only. Any further usage has to be permitted by Jörg Damm of the IFB. Besides, the following wording must appear somewhere in the publication: “Pictures and texts of the IFB may only be copied and re-published with prior expressed approval of the IFB.”
Before leaving the building, each visitor has to show the content of his pockets or bags without prior request.

Fees for usage
In general, the holdings of the IFB can be used without any charge. Advice and support are given for free as well. On the other hand, contributions are welcome and more or less expected, so that arising costs can be covered. These contributions comply with the financial situation of the user (students or persons with regular income).

In any case, at least the amount of €5.00 should be given. Contributions in kind such as literature, magazines, etc. are appreciated.

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