Saturday, March 27, 2010


Was winter good for you? If not, please read on.

Would you like to live naked, warm, safe and whole, any time of year? It is easy.Cambium is a holistic, naturist settlement that is being developed in the Caribbean where people gather to share a life or a moment close to nature. If you long to discover how to grow spiritually in an environment that totally respects our serenity as humans, you can. The organic cultivation and preparation of food, management of natural energy, growth of understanding of our wholeness and its importance to our well-being are central to the ethos of Cambium. This email may be the key to unlock a fulfilment that your spirit is now ready for.

Please visit to find out more. You can acquire a substantial plot of land for less than the price of a car, where you can build your own eco-friendly lodge in this beautiful protected domain, where the wearing of clothes is not required, all year round. With central facilities at your disposal, such as restaurant, shop, clinics, library, theatre, sports facilities, miles of gorgeous countryside, meditation spaces, pools and more, could this be the place to honour your real values?

Opportunities abound to work, live, learn, teach or just holiday in our huge unique environment. If the fruits of materialism and capitalism are not rewarding you, or if you have simply had enough of cold winters, consider Cambium. We are not dogmatic and have no axe to grind. We seek to provide a catalyst for enlightenment, fun and happiness, at one with our origins deep in Nature.

If you do visit the web site, and I hope you do, (you have nothing to loose) please use the home page to request our free document to find out more about Cambium. You have everything to gain.

Love and peace

P.S. Castaways is announcing its next nude cruise... in France, 2010 from July 25 to August 1, 2010. See all the details at about this luxury river cruise on the Viking NEPTUNE at: The voyage is adults only and optional as parts of the cruise will be docked at certain ports of call.

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