Saturday, March 20, 2010


Τitle: The Free Beach News, issue 186, Mar-Apr 2009
Publisher: Beachfront U.S.A.
Editor: Cec Cinder
Language: English
Country of Origin: U.S.A. Format: 215x280mm
Pages: 8 single colour (three-column layout)
Frequency: Bi-monthly
Binding: Folded sheets
Subscription rates included with membership in Beachfront U.S.A.: (6 issues) USD15.00 (single) or USD20.00 (family); available only on PDF format


(1) Third Story: How Can You Build a Better Mexico If All the Unhappy Ones Go North?
(1) Fritz Out at Last!
(2) Editorial: Where the Action Is? by Bob Campbell
(2) Divine Intervention by Mike Kush
(3) Does Your State Forbid Atheists from Holding Public Office?
(3) There Is No Fun in Islam, #33
(4) MagBeam Propulsion: to Mars and Days in Ninety Days
(4) From a Post on the Net
(4) Walking More Effective Than You Might Think
(5) Nudist Fined in the Sunshine State
(5) For What?
(5) Don't Bother Us with the Facts
(5) Rich, Very Rich and Insanely Rich
(6) Bonobo Sex and "Ladyboners": Is Women's Desire Really That Confusing?
(7) Plastic Surgery Is Going the Way of the Ugg Boot

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