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Wolfgang Weinreich, 9th INF/FNI President from 2000 until December 10, 2007, when he resigned due to ill health, was a man of vision, a hard worker for the naturist movement, and a real leader that was up against the odds during his tenure of office.

Wolfgang wanted to reform the INF/FNI but experienced adverse circumstances such as the break-up of the French Naturist Federation (FFN) in 2002 and its aftermath in the INF; the unsuccessful launch of a new deluxe magazine on behalf of the INF/FNI; the improvement of the World Naturist Handbook, and above all, the cutting down on unnecessary expenditure.

Judit Halász and I were happy to meet him in the Alps Adriatic Meetings in Monsena, Croatia, many times and his friendship meant a lot to us. We remember his vision to evict “textile naturists”from naturist holiday centres.
We wish him a speedy recovery and a long, happy retirement!

Meckenheim, 2008.08.25th

Dear Angelos,

For the 31.INF-FNI world congress I wish you all a good progress, open discussion and wise elections.

At this occasion, I wanted to say good-bye to you. I am sorry not to do so in person, by my physicians recommended not travelling too much by airplane.

When I resigned from office in December 2007 following my physician's advice, nobody had a premonition of the development of my health. In May it was necessary for me to undergo a severe heart surgery. The operation proceeded well due to the ability of the physicians and my durability but it is time to cut back.

For a while, I committed myself to naturism and it pleased me to do so. There were and are, of course, different opinions, different points of view and decisions and it is not always possible to find a solution fitting for everybody – but that is perfectly normal for democracy.

I came across many people who became precious to me. That made me very happy but I realized my active time for our shared ideals is over. I am not aggrieved. I see many prospects, time for my family, time for my first grandchild. This pleases me every day. This is a new chapter of my life and I hope it will continue for a long time.

To all of you my sincere thanks for the time we worked together, for our engagement for naturism. I thank you for your tolerance and wish you for your further activities pleasure and success. I am confident that I will meet some of you again to chat and remember old times.

Sincerely yours and ευχαριστώ
Wolfgang Weinreich
INF-FNI President until December 2007

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