Saturday, March 13, 2010


Praia dos Alteirinhos

Back in May 2008, we told you about our nearest beach having been officially recognised as a naturist beach. In August of this year, Odemira Council erected a notice at the top of the Alteirinhos access stairs to advise people about the naturist zone.

Sign Naturist Zone Alteirinhos Naturist Beach

We had originally understood that the whole of Alteirinhos Beach, which lies just south of Zambujeira do Mar, had been designated as an official naturist zone. Indeed the lifeguard thought so, when we visited the beach in July 2008. The sign, however indicates that only 160 metres of shoreline, at the southern end of the beach, is officially naturist. Bad news for naturists you might think, but the decision to only officially recognise part of the beach may have some future benefits for naturists. Under the current law covering naturism in Portugal, dating from 1994, only one official naturist beach is permitted in each municipality. Odemira is the largest municipal council in Portugal by area and also has the longest coastline, along which there are a large number of beaches where naturism is tolerated. So, by only designating part of a beach as an official naturist zone, it is still possible to designate parts of other beaches for naturism. Indeed, at least three other beaches are being considered for having official naturist zones. Now here's a conundrum, how many part beaches constitute a one whole beach?
Ray and Marnie Gloster

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