Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Title: Les Textiles (Textiles)
Genre: Comedy, drama, nudist feature, colour
Language: French
Country: France
Locations: Paris & Île du Ventus, Languedoc
Format: DVD, PAL
Actors: Barbara Schulz, Alexandre Brasseur, Zoé Landron, Félix Landron, Magali Muxart, Jackie Berroyer, Sonia Vollereux, Simon Bakhouche, Angélique Thomas, Philippe Cura, Camille Bonardi, Xavier Aubert, Emmanuelle Bataille, Stéphane Coulon, Sophie Noël plus 14 others
Screenplay: Gilles Cahoreau, Christian Vincent and Franck Landron
Company: Les Films en Hiver
Region: 2

No. of Discs: 1
Year of Production: 2004
Film Release Date: Cannes Film Market, 14th May 2004
Running Time: 1:32:20
Entry No.: 2009009

Entry Date: 25th November 2009

An interesting look into the world of “naturist swinging” in a so-called naturist resort in the south-east part of France, through the eyes of a textile woman and mother of two, whose husband has just bought an apartment in the area. A shocking story with numerous shots of male and female frontal nudity. Sophie, the main actress ,joins the “naturist swingers” in the presence of her husband.

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