Monday, March 29, 2010


Recent events should be of interest to all naturists worldwide and a loud warning to all INF-FNI Federations.

North America has been dealing with negative views of naturism/nudism for years. However, this negative view was not shared by most European countries until recently.
Unfortunately, we may be seeing a change in the European’s view of naturism.

We recently saw the de-designation of the naturist beach at Corton, Lowestoft, UK.

Corton naturist beach, used by naturists for over 30 years, was one of the first official naturist beaches in the UK. British Naturism expressed strong arguments for the naturist designation to continue and they are pleased that their efforts culminated with the Waverney District council to try to find an alternative. Until such alternative can be found, this is indeed a major loss to naturism.

We have now received word that the beach in Sérignan, France is in jeopardy. The campsite of Sérignan Plage has sold a part of the area to a new owner. The new owner has decided that the section of the beach that is part of her area is no longer welcome to naturists. She has enlisted the local police to help her chase away any naturists who show up to use the historically clothes free beach.

This particular beach is visited every summer by people from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, the UK and France and would be a great loss to many for their naturist holiday plans.

And, all of us are familiar with the recent events in Appenzell, Switzerland, where the residents voted overwhelmingly to ban nude hiking in the area.

So, are these merely isolated incidents or are we seeing a shift in the attitudes of Europeans, an attitude that was once accepting and tolerant of naturism.

As always, your comments are welcome.

George Volak
I INF/FNI Vice-president

(Source: Federation Focus, Vol. 2, Issue 5, October, 2009)

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