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ISBN-13: 978-3-934020-68-9
Writer: Richard Foley
Τitle: Active Nudists
Subtitle: Living Naked at Home and in Public

Languages: English, French & German
Place of Publication: Aschaf

Publisher: Edition Reuss
Year of Publication: 2009
Format: 180x247mm
Pages: 120 colour printed on glossy paper
Illustrations: 133 colour plates and pictures

Binding: Hardcover in laminated colour dust jacket
Weight: 685gr.
Entry No: 2009043
Date of Entry: 15th July 2009


Richard Foley, a well-known “active nudist” on on-line forums and an ardent supporter of the so-called “active nudism” that represents the mainstream of the XXI century, has just written what we proudly call “The Bible of Active Nudism,” a wonderful photo book of ordinary people from all walks of life enjoying their lives au naturel in public. Real men and women practicing “active” nudism in every possible place.

These days, public nudity is more or less accepted in certain areas. There are no specific laws forbidding nudity in many places. One of the most successful events held annually are the World Naked Bike Ride and the World Naked Gardening Day. Active nudism is the lifestyle of our times.

The writer, through his explanatory text in three languages and fine photography of non-sexual content, submitted by nudists from all over the world, produced the best of all nudist photo books so far. A must for all nudists who wish to experience active nudism wherever is possible. Active nudism is no doubt beneficial to organized naturism and active nudists are potential members of the movement. Stunning photography!

The book is divided into 10 sections covering active nudism everywhere: beaches, rivers, canuding, boat tours, bicycle tours, horse riding, hiking tours, home, garden, man and the elements, art and expression, the media and public events.

A book of exceptional quality written by a prominent activist and a member of a naturist club in Germany, for nudists everywhere.  A book that can be proudly presented to families and friends. A coffee table book! Nudists and potential nudists are strongly urged to get the book from any good bookshop or from the publisher.

Matthias Reuss of Edition Reuss, a German publisher of international repute, put the finishing touches in this easy-to-use book. It goes without saying that all of his publications become bestsellers and are considered the best in the field.

Richard Foley and Matthias Reuss are to be complimented for producing an inspiring book!

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